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We’re thrilled that you’ve gotten your new Chevy from Cumming Chevrolet, and now you’re primed for your next road trip. With all the uncertainty of flying right now, there hasn’t been a better time to plan a road trip with your Chevy car, truck, or SUV. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular places to visit in the coming weeks. National City, CA, sits just minutes away from San Diego. Whether you’re looking to go somewhere relatively close or you don’t mind driving for a little while, we’ve explored your choices so you can make an excellent decision.
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Luckily, California is packed with some fun hotspots nearby San Diego that would be a great destination choice for you or the entire family. Looking to stay on a budget? In less than 90 minutes, you can be in the heart of Laguna Beach. It has plenty of activities for the whole family without ever spending a penny. Popular Heisler Park has jaw-dropping oceanfront views where you can take a stroll with the kids or set up a picnic. If you want to see the city a little more, you can ride on the free trolley right through town. Looking for something to do that the kids will absolutely love? Take them on over to Pacific Marine Mammal Center. Here, they’ll see all varieties of their favorite underwater creatures that are sure to be a hit. The best part is that it’s free to the public.
If you’re willing to drive a little further north from Laguna Beach, you’ll find your next destination that is still good for a day road trip. Just a little over 200 miles north of National City, CA lies Montecito. This city is packed with plenty of historical sites like Casa del Herrero that was designed by George Washington Smith. Guests can sip on some hot apple cider as they tour the estate. If you’re into architecture, this is the place for you. You’ll find the evenings to be relaxing as they are beautiful. You can take the kids down Butterfly Beach as the sun sets or just enjoy the view with your spouse. Either way, it’s one of the only beaches in California where you can enjoy the sunset.
Now that we covered a few favorites in California, you couldn’t talk about popular road trip destinations without mentioning a few out of state favorites. The city of Tuscon, Arizona, known as “Old Pueblo” to the locals, is about 400 miles east for National City, so a trip like this would need several days or even a week to explore all it has to offer. Once you’re here, you can start by visiting the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which is one of the best places to view the exhilarating views of the Sonoran desert. If you’re looking for a truly peaceful spot for sightseeing, head over to Saguaro National Park. Nestled in between beautiful mountains, it an excellent place for hiking or just driving through.
It wouldn’t be right to discuss any road trip destination without forgetting about Las Vegas, Nevada. It lies about 330 miles north of National City, and you’ll discover that there’s so much to do that a week’s stay would only scratch the surface. While you’re here, check out the thrilling atmosphere on The Strip. It has has a seemingly endless amount of neon lights, amazing shows at the Bellagio and Ceasar’s Palace, and of course, plenty of spots to gamble if you’re into that kind of thing. Vegas isn’t just about the gaming and fast-paced lifestyle in the city as you can explore nearby destinations for parks and nature. Stretching more than 13 miles is the colorful Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Just about 30 minutes away from the strip, it provides travelers a different side of Las Vegas that they will appreciate.
If you appreciate nature, it would be worth the 800-mile drive to Redwood National Park. The view of the world’s most enormous tress is genuinely breathtaking. While the sight of these giant beauties would be enough for a trip, the park also has biking and hiking paths, wildlife viewing, horseback riding, and kayaking in the summer months. If your family members are outdoor enthusiasts, a road trip to this beloved park can set the way for a perfect vacation.

Whether your vehicle is relatively new or you have a pre-owned one, it would be an excellent idea to schedule a service appointment with Cummings Chevrolet. We can make sure you have nothing to worry about as you get ready for your next fun-filled adventure! Call today for more information.

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