Importance of Tire Maintenance

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Tires are components that keep the occupants of a vehicle safe and allow the vehicle to place the power of its engine down onto the ground. Without an adequate set of tires, a vehicle will not have proper traction and will not be able to sufficiently maintain its connection with the road. It is important for you to make sure that your vehicle is equipped with the right tires and to also keep those tires in good condition after they are equipped on your vehicle. 


Tire Inspection

A tire inspection is a service where the air pressure and tread depth of your vehicle’s tires are checked. Having the right air pressure in your vehicle’s tires is essential, because air allows the tires to make better contact with the surface of the road. It is possible for tires to be under inflated and overinflated, which can both easily damage a set of tires. To determine the right air pressure that should be in your vehicle’s tires, you can look at the sticker that is in the door jam of your vehicle’s driver’s-side door. Alternatively, you can review the manufacturer’s recommendation in the owner’s manual for your vehicle.


The tread depth of your vehicle’s tires refers to how high the treads are from the bases of the tires. The treads of your vehicle’s tires allow the tires to grip onto the surface of the road. Therefore, it is crucial that your vehicle’s tires have enough tread, which you can check by using a penny or a measuring device.

During a tire inspection, the overall condition of your vehicle’s tires will also be assessed. The technician will make sure that the tires are not punctured or damaged and that the tires are also wearing evenly.


Tire Rotation

A tire rotation is a great service that will allow you to save money on tire expenses and fuel expenses while also extending the lifespan of your vehicle’s tires. During a tire rotation, a technician will determine the wear patterns that your vehicle’s tires are experiencing, and will adjust the tires so that the tires can wear evenly as you drive. There are several techniques that technicians use when providing tire rotation services, and the techniques that technicians use are specific to each vehicle.

Tire rotations extend the lifespans of tires by adjusting the contact areas of the tires, ultimately adjusting where the tires experience surface wear. By adjusting and decreasing the rolling resistances of tires, tire rotations also improve the fuel economies of vehicles. You can have tire rotations done for your vehicle’s tires until the tires are completely worn and need to be replaced.


Tire Balancing

A tire needs to be balanced when it is placed on a wheel so that the wheel can rotate evenly. Tire balancing is a service where a special tire balancing machine is used to adjust the way that a tire sits on a wheel, ultimately adjusting the weight distribution of the tire. Unbalanced tires can upset the suspension system of a vehicle, causing excessive vibrations and unexpected handling issues. Additionally, a vehicle’s tires will wear unevenly when they are not balanced properly. You should have the tires of your vehicle balanced routinely to enjoy the many benefits of the service.


Wheel Alignment

A vehicle’s wheels need to be in proper alignment with one another so that the vehicle can handle properly and maintain proper traction with the road. A wheel alignment is a service where a technician adjusts all of the wheels on a vehicle back to the specifications that the vehicle’s manufacturer recommends for the vehicle. Wheel alignments help reduce tire wear, reduce suspension wear, and can improve a vehicle’s fuel efficiency by allowing the suspension to work effectively.

There are several different types of wheel alignments. The type of wheel alignment service that a technician will use for your vehicle is based on the vehicle’s suspension system. If your vehicle has not had a wheel alignment done in a while, then you will certainly feel a difference in how the vehicle handles on the road after its wheels are aligned properly.



Tires are very important parts of your vehicle due to the roles that they serve. Therefore, it is important for you to keep them well-maintained and to switch to tires that are appropriate for the areas that you routinely travel in. Visit us at Cumming Chevrolet if you would like us to look at the tires that are on your vehicle, provide you with our dependable tire services, or give you more information about tires. We will be glad to help you with your vehicle and to make sure that it is safe for the road.

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