Great Car Accessories to Gift Your Grad Headed to College

May 25th, 2022 by

Are you looking for the perfect gift to send off with your recent grad on their way to college? A car is more precious to a new college student than their dorm space, serving as their mobile getaway and command station. Help them navigate their new world with these practical and fun gifts to send them off in stylish safety.

Safety First

Emergency Kit: Every ride should have one. A good emergency kit should include:
• a first aid kit (more on that in a minute)
• jumper cables
• a flashlight with spare batteries
• a multipurpose utility tool
• reflective cloth or triangles
• nonperishable food and bottled water
• a fire extinguisher
• a rain poncho
• duct tape

First Aid Kit: Every car should have a first aid kit. At a minimum, it should include:
• antibiotic
• aspirin
• gauze
• medical tape
• bandages (including butterfly bandages)
• a thermometer
• tweezers
• instant cold compresses
• hydrocortisone
• nonlatex gloves
• scissors
• a blanket

Offline-capable GPS – Gone is the hassle of paper maps. With reliable GPS available on-demand anywhere, you can feel confident your grad can navigate even unfamiliar terrain. Ensure they have access to this tech even if their cell service drops.

AAA – When they are hundreds of miles away with a sudden flat or have locked their keys in their car, AAA is a lifesaver. Beyond the exceedingly helpful roadside assistance service, they offer many discounts for travel expenses that will come in handy when driving home for a visit.

Traction Pads: If you send your new grad to a snowy clime or anywhere near a beach, traction pads are a worthy investment. They’ll help escape an icy incline or soft sand without the need to call in AAA or another towing service.

Blind Spot Mirror: These affordable bonus mirrors attach to your grad’s rearview or side mirrors and expand their visibility. With greater visibility, they’ll stay safer even in bustling traffic.

Digital Tire Gauge: Surprisingly affordable and super handy, a digital tire gauge will take the confusion out of checking tire pressure. Remind your grad that they should check tire pressure before a long drive and about once a month. If they are moving from a temperate area to a cold clime, it’s helpful to learn to check air pressure regularly.

A Tune-Up and Inspection: Before their grand adventure, give their ride a once over to make sure the fluids are filled, maintenance is up-to-date, tires are in good shape, and everything is working as it should be.

Practical Purchases

Handheld Vacuum – Something to clean up lunch crumbs on the go.

Code Reader – These simple devices pair with a cell phone to tell them exactly why the Check Engine light is on.

Gift Cards to Go – Whether for the gas pump or the charging station, help them pay for the return trip (or around town).

Clip-on Sauce Holders – These handy tools clip into the dash vents and hold fast-food sauce cups.

Cozy and Comfortable

Car Seat Warmer – Plugs into the USB or cigarette port and heads up the seat.

Memory Foam Cushion: Get them a portable seat cushion to carry into lecture halls and back out to the car for cram study sessions.

Windshield Cover – If their college is in snowy climes, this simple device will save them from ever having to stand outside to scrape ice and snow off the windshield. Lay it on once parked and in the morning, lift and shake off the snow and ice for a dry windshield and wipers in seconds.

A Great Snow & Ice Brush: Look for one with an extendable handle, a heavy-duty brush, and a durable ice scraper so they can get the job done without looking like an abominable snowman at the end.


Cell Phone Holder – They may already have a cell phone holder; get them a better one that’s durable, adjustable, easy to use, and puts their phone at the best height for use with GPS.

Car Trash Bin: A small trash bin that’s easy to clean and attaches itself within their cabin will help tamp down the inevitable garbage college students collect.

Portable Desk Tray: Turn their car into a mobile study hall with these handy, lightweight trays that attach to a seat back or the steering wheel and fold down into a neat desk. They are small enough to tuck away under their seat.

Cable Clips: Keep the cords accessible and out of the way with inexpensive cord clips that can stick anywhere.

With the right gifts, you can help their car become another tool to assist their success in college. Send your graduate off with love and everything they need for a safe trip and happy return. Call or swing by Cumming Chevrolet for more ideas on how you can prep your grad’s vehicle for their grand adventure (or send them off in a new and better ride).

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